NARCO-TERRORISM : Pakistan's Proxy War on India through Drugs!

Pakistan proxy war on IndiaPakistan is known to pursue all possible means to continue its proxy war against India be it sending trained terrorists, executing bomb blasts through local misguided youths or promoting narcoterrorism.
Indian security forces have achieved great success in curbing terrorist activities across the country especially in Jammu & Kashmir. Large number of terrorists have been eliminated, infiltration across the LOC has decreased, funding mechanisms of terrorism have been busted and terrorist sympathisers apprehended.
The success has forced the terrorists and their supporters to shift to other strategies and they have found drug addiction and narcoterrorism as the solution.
Pakistan has long been smuggling drugs into Punjab and it has created a drug menace there with a report stating that 70% of people aged between 17 and 35 years are drug addicted. Now the drugs are supplied to new areas like Jammu and Kashmir and cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Manali etc. Last year Jammu & Kashmir police alone registered 26000 drugs related cases.

The source of the substance

India, Pakistan share a 3323 km long border marked by desert, plains, rivers, mountains and forests. Terrain at some places is so tough that building fencing or keeping a constant watch is impossible. It is primarily through these loopholes from where drugs find their way into India.
opium golden crescent
Golden Crescent
Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan are notoriously famous as the golden crescent of opium production in the world, where Afghanistan alone accounts for 90% of world production of non-pharma grade opium. Political instability in the region has pushed opium cultivation. It is this opium that is smuggled into India.
Additionally, according to some media reports farmers in South Kashmir are being forced to cultivate poppy husk in their fields.
Afghanistan opium fields
Opium field in Afghanistan

Strategies adopted by suppliers

The drug supply network is highly organised, well managed and coordinated. The suppliers have devised strategies and tactics to successfully smuggle drugs:
  • They take advantage of the difficult terrain especially along the LOC where manning is difficult.
  • Use shallow water streams flowing across the border.
  • Use hollow pipes to transfer material through barbed wire fencing.
  • Dig tunnels as most of the border unpaved.
  • Keep track of the movement of BSF troops.
  • Supply in small quantity to avoid stringent punishment.
  • Use trade consignments like fruit crates.

Consequences of the problem

  • It is found that 90% of drug addicts are aged between 17 and 35 years. Youth are the biggest asset a country has and this drug addiction is ruining their lives, making them physically and mentally weak. Threatening prosperity and security of the country.
  • Money generated from these drugs is further used for terrorism financing. Making it a self   sustainable model of terrorism ( drug generates money that is used for sponsoring terrorism).
  • Addicted youths in Kashmir are forced to pelt stones in return of money to buy drugs or drugs itself.
  • Some politicians are using the money generated for political funding.
  • Addicted youths in lure of quick money are executing crimes and illegal activities.

Shortcomings on our side

  • Multiple agencies are working to tackle the problem like the state police, intelligence bureau, narcotics control bureau, BSF. It is agreed that these agencies lack coordination.
  • The PPP nexus( politician- police- peddler) is working for self benefits, abusing power.
  • Lack of infrastructure in border areas.

Steps taken by the government

The Punjab government launched operation “Clean Up” to tackle the menace and recently it has setup special task force which will be assisted by ground level teams led by SHO's at district level.  The central government has equipped BSF with modern technical devices like night vision devices, handheld thermal imagers, high powered telescopes. States affected have decided to work closely in coherence.


Pakistan sponsored narcoterrorism is a serious threat. We need to strengthen our capacity to counter it. The agencies involved should work in coordination with regular information sharing and joint operations. Security personnel should be trained the right way. Arresting middle men is not enough, eliminating demand and smuggling are needed.  The basic reason why youth are prone to addiction is lack of jobs and livelihood options, the government should work to create job as well as promoting recreational activities. Proper rehabilitation of addicts is needed so that they don't fall into the trap once again.
We should step up our cooperation with major regional and international partners to pressurise Pakistan to give up it's nefarious activities in the region. Pakistan was put on grey list of the financial action task force(FATF) for terrorism financing and money laundering and faces the threat of blacklisting.  As activities from Pakistan ever evolving with no soon ending, our government cannot afford stand at back-foot to tackle the crisis.

Hello Reader! I am Tanishq Saxena, a mechanical engineer currently preparing for civil services. I passionately follow issues which are relevant to India . I wish to work in the social sector hoping to bring a change in the lives of ordinary Indians. I love to cook food & stories and keep myself fit.

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